This Week’s Comics

  • See, Bruce Wayne can cook.
  • Tim Drake and Bernard Dowd finally got to kiss on-panel!
  • The Flash featured a Bart Allen / Wallace West team-up, and I have to say that watching Wallace deal with Bart’s, ah, impulsive style of superheroing was quite entertaining.
  • I’m also kind of amused that Mr. Terrific showed up in both of my DC pulls this week.
  • Continuity note: Amazing Spider-Man #913 takes place after the denouement of Dark Web but before the epilogue, as it’s still winter. Per the recap page, it also takes place after the Mary Jane & Black Cat miniseries that’s currently running.
  • And speaking of the recap page, I have to say that confirming that MJ and Paul are actually married is a hell of a thing to just casually drop there!