This Week’s Comic

  • References in Justice Society of America (vol. 4) #4 to Per Degaton’s history in both All-Star Comics #35 (Jun–Jul 1947) and JSA #72 (Jun 2005).
  • We finally get to meet the Justice Society of the present-time DCU in this issue (although it’s still reading closer to a future-Huntress book than I’d personally prefer). Apparently Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez were resurrected as a prelude to the Lazarus Planet events; they were originally killed back in Eclipso #13 (Nov 1993). (How this fits with Doomsday Clock #12 is left as an exercise for a reader who reads more event minis than I do.)
  • The “Next Issue” line is very, uh, Zero Hour.

This Week’s Comics

  • In Justice Society of America (vol. 4) #2, the events of Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #3 (September 1994) is captioned as “eight years ago” and those of Doctor Fate (vol. 4) #1 (August 2015) is captioned as “one year ago.” As with most things related to DC Comics timelines, I don’t entirely buy this—all of Rebirth occurring within one year seems absurd even without getting into specific textual points (for instance, I seem to recall Tim Drake saying that he’s been dating Bernard Dowd for six months). And all of the Johns-written stuff since Doomsday Clock has seemed like it’s happening in its own, kind of disconnected corner of the DCU anyway. But eight years since Zero Hour would put the Young Justice generation in their early 20s (Tim was 14 at the time) which seems to be about where they really should be? (I am begging artists to give Kon back his stubble.)
  • Speaking of timelines, I’m still not sure when in relation to anything else this “Gotham Nocturne” Detective Comics arc is taking place. Given what happened with Two-Face this issue, feels like it might matter at some point.
  • I’m not saying I wouldn’t read an entire issue of Kon and Kenan hanging out. But I’m not not saying that.
  • The villain rant in Tim Drake: Robin #5 is impressively obsessive.
  • I am pretty ready for Amazing Spider-Man to go back to being self-contained. (“Back” may be overly generous given all of the tie-in issues last summer.) This issue opening with Madelyne Pryor’s plot being resolved in a different tie-in that I didn’t read was kind of funny, though.