This Week’s Comics

  • Hey, the Amazing Spider-Mail printed my letter!
    Dear Albert and Nick,

It was nice to see the Coffee Bean crowd together again, even just briefly. I've seen plenty of letters asking when the big 'What Did Peter Do?' mystery will get resolved, but what I want to know is when we'll get to see the Randy Robertson/Janice Lincoln wedding! Lots of good potential for gang-related hijinks, methinks.

Martin Pyne, Sunnyvale, CA.

Hey, Martin! Hope all is sunny in Sunnyvale! More Randy and Janice is coming down the pike sooner than you may think! Maybe they're responsible for what happened to Peter and MJ?!
    Unfortunately it is quite rainy today.
  • The actual solution to the “What Did Peter Do?” mystery appears to call back to the Zeb Wells-written Wolverine team-up back in Amazing Spider-Man #555–557, which I had honestly entirely forgotten about except for Chris Bachalo’s art.
  • Irey West unlocked “choose her own hero name!”
  • I see Chip Zdarsky felt the need to subtweet everybody who says that Bruce Wayne doesn’t spend money on charity.

This Week’s Comics

  • See, Bruce Wayne can cook.
  • Tim Drake and Bernard Dowd finally got to kiss on-panel!
  • The Flash featured a Bart Allen / Wallace West team-up, and I have to say that watching Wallace deal with Bart’s, ah, impulsive style of superheroing was quite entertaining.
  • I’m also kind of amused that Mr. Terrific showed up in both of my DC pulls this week.
  • Continuity note: Amazing Spider-Man #913 takes place after the denouement of Dark Web but before the epilogue, as it’s still winter. Per the recap page, it also takes place after the Mary Jane & Black Cat miniseries that’s currently running.
  • And speaking of the recap page, I have to say that confirming that MJ and Paul are actually married is a hell of a thing to just casually drop there!