Book Giveaway

I have a lot of books and a not particularly large apartment. I’m looking to give away the following books—please contact me if you are interested in any of them. (This is easiest if you are in or will be visiting Northern California sometime soon. If not, we can try to work something out.)

Click the cover images for a fuller description of each book.

WATERSHIP DOWN cover Adams, Richard. Watership Down. Mass-market paperback, 496 pages. A group of rabbits must undergo a perilous journey to establish a new warren. 1972 Carnegie Medal.
THE VOR GAME cover Bujold, Lois McMaster. The Vor Game. Mass-market paperback, 345 pages. Miles Vorkosigan’s first assignment is intended to teach him respect for the chain of command, which goes about as well as could be expected. Fourth in a Hugo-winning series—read The Warrior’s Apprentice first. 1991 Hugo Award winner.
THE YIDDISH POLICEMEN'S UNION cover Chabon, Michael. The Yiddish Policemen’s Union. Hardcover, 432 pages. A murder mystery set in a world where the post-World War II Jewish homeland was established in Alaska. 2008 Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Award winner.
GATE OF IVREL cover Cherryh, C. J. Gate of Ivrel. Mass-market paperback, 191 pages. From back cover: “Scattered about the galaxy were the time-space gates of a vanished but not forgotten alien race. Now the task was to uproot these gates….” First in a series.
STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND cover Heinlein, Robert A. Stranger in a Strange Land. Mass-market paperback, 414 pages. A man raised by Martians comes to Earth and starts a hippie cult. 1962 Hugo Award winner.
DUNE cover Herbert, Frank. Dune. Mass-market paperback, 536 pages. The story of a planet of spice and sandworms, its people, and its potential messiah. First in a series. 1966 Hugo and Nebula Award winner.
DUNE MESSIAH cover Herbert, Frank. Dune Messiah. Mass-market paperback, 298 pages. Paul Atreides’s visions of the future come horribly true. Second in a series—read Dune first.
THE EYE OF THE WORLD cover Jordan, Robert. The Eye of the World. Mass-market paperback, 832 pages. Farm boy and friends need to save the world. First in a Hugo-nominated series.
THE FARTHEST SHORE cover Le Guin, Ursula K. The Farthest Shore. Mass-market paperback, 197 pages. Ged must discover why the world is being drained of magic. 1973 National Book Award winner. Third in a series—start with A Wizard of Earthsea.
SABRIEL cover Niven, Larry. The Integral Trees. Mass-market paperback, 272 pages. From back cover: “… a fully fleshed culture of evolved humans who live without real gravity in the gas torus that rotates about a neutron star.” 1985 Locus Award winner.
SABRIEL cover Nix, Garth. Sabriel. Mass-market paperback, 496 pages. The daughter of the Abhorsen, who is charged with keeping the dead dead, must find her father and save her kingdom. First in a series.
EXPIRATION DATE cover Powers, Tim. Expiration Date. Mass-market paperback, 544 pages. From back cover: “As a series of disasters strikes Los Angeles, a young boy inhales the last breath of Thomas Edison, and becomes a precious prize in a deadly hunt for the elusive vital spark.” 1996 Locus Award winner. Second in a trilogy.
LORDS AND LADIES cover Pratchett, Terry. Lords and Ladies. Ex-library mass-market paperback, 400 pages. Elves are the uninvited guests at Lancre’s royal wedding. Fourteenth in a series, but you can really start reading Discworld anywhere.
MEN AT ARMS cover Pratchett, Terry. Men at Arms. Mass-market paperback, 400 pages. The Ankh-Morpork City Watch has new recruits, who have signed up just in time to deal with the Gonne. Fifteenth in a series, but you can really start reading Discworld anywhere.
THE QUANTUM THIEF cover Rajaniemi, Hannu. The Quantum Thief. Mass-market paperback, 384 pages. From back cover: “In [Jean le Flambeur]’s last exploit, he managed the supreme feat of hiding the truth about himself from the one person in the solar system hardest to hide from: himself.” First in a series.
GREEN MARS cover Robinson, Kim Stanley. Green Mars. Mass-market paperback, 624 pages. The original Mars colonists have had children, and the children have their own opinions on Mars’s future. Second in a trilogy—read Red Mars first. 1994 Hugo and Locus Award winner.
RED MARS cover Robinson, Kim Stanley. Red Mars. Mass-market paperback, 592 pages. A hundred colonists plan to settle and terraform Mars. First in a trilogy. 1993 Nebula Award winner.
MISTBORN cover Sanderson, Brandon. Mistborn: The Final Empire. Mass-market paperback, 672 pages. A thief with awesome powers puts together a team to overthrow his land’s thousand-year magical dictator. First in a trilogy, and where I’d recommend starting Sanderson.
THE WELL OF ASCENSION cover Sanderson, Brandon. The Well of Ascension. Mass-market paperback, 796 pages. It turns out the plan in Mistborn had some unexpected consequences. Second in a trilogy—read Mistborn first.
HYPERION cover Simmons, Dan. Hyperion. Mass-market paperback, 495 pages. Seven pilgrims travel to a planet’s mysterious guardian and tell each other their stories. First in a series. 1990 Hugo and Locus Award winner.
ISLANDS IN THE NET cover Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. Mass-market paperback, 396 pages. From back cover: “Now, Laura Webster is about to be plunged into a netherworld of black-market data pirates, new-age mercenaries, high-tech voodoo … and murder.” 1989 Hugo Award finalist.
THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING cover White, T. H. The Once and Future King. Mass-market paperback, 639 pages. Classic retelling of the tale of King Arthur, from boyhood to downfall. Omnibus.
DOOMSDAY BOOK cover Willis, Connie. Doomsday Book. Mass-market paperback, 592 pages. A time-travelling historian is unexpectedly sent to 1348, just in time for the arrival of the Black Death. 1993 Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Award winner.
SPIN cover Wilson, Robert Charles. Spin. Mass-market paperback, 464 pages. One night, the stars went out; the Earth has been encased in a barrier where a hundred million years pass outside for each inside. First in a series, although it stands alone well enough. 2006 Hugo Award winner.
THE SHADOW OF THE TORTURER cover Wolfe, Gene. The Shadow of the Torturer. Mass-market paperback, 262 pages. A torturer’s apprentice leaves his guild and has adventures. First in a tetralogy. 1981 World Fantasy Award winner.