This Week’s Comics

  • The epilogue of Dark Web is set in “Spring,” which marks roughly a three-month timeskip from the main events of the story. Factor in Amazing Spider-Man #908 (which also began with “Spring”) and it’s been at least a year since “Beyond.” (Although I could see the next issues of ASM picking up before the epilogue, particularly with the next two issues being by a guest creative team.)
  • From the lettercol:
    I’ve only been reading comics for about a year and a half, so I haven’t encountered too many crossovers yet.
    Oh you sweet summer child.
  • Things I missed by not reading the other tie-ins: Eddie Brock turning into Bedlam.
  • The Flash special was mostly side-stories, which is honestly a fine use of a tie-in issue, even if I’m always amused when none of the characters on the cover appear in the issue. It was nice to see Avery Ho again.
  • I’m not hugely into DC Comics’ potential futures, seeing as we’ll never actually get them, but I do rather like the one we’ve seen in Adams’s run—part of it, I think, is that the Flash legacy extending well beyond Wally West has been a well-established thing for a very long time.

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