Observation Log: May 2022 Lunar Eclipse

I was out and about for most of Sunday and by the time I got back to Sunnyvale (specifically, the Fair Oaks light rail station), the moon had already risen. My first clear view of the nearly-eclipsed moon was at the Fair Oaks / Highway 101 overcrossing about ten minutes before second contact, and I just hung out on the overcrossing until the moon was fully eclipsed. Due to the bright twilit sky the portion of the moon in umbra looked to have entirely disappeared, with only a sliver of light remaining visible.

After the start of totality, I headed home, grabbed my binoculars, and ascended a nearby parking facility. Observing conditions were mediocre due to high clouds but even so the part of the moon deepest in umbra was notably dark—almost invisible to the unaided eye, and a very deep red even through binoculars. The brighter limb of the moon was to the bottom right, shifting from the right to the bottom over the course of the eclipse. Third contact eventually occurred at the bottom tip of the moon.