My Bookshelves

I finally got all of my books off the floor and (mostly) onto shelves!

Case One highlights:

  • My grandfather’s bar mitzvah chumash, my mom’s confirmation Tanakh, and the family set of Union Haggadot.
  • A bunch of yearbooks.
  • A few Arden Shakespeares.
  • A 1932 edition of Stapledon’s Last and First Men.
  • A couple of Iain M. Banks first editions.

Case Two highlights:

  • My Halfliner scorebook, and a bunch of old quidditch rulebooks.
  • A few PBO firsts from T. J. Bass, John Brunner, and Tanith Lee.
  • Signed first editions of Brasyl, The Atrocity Archives, The Jennifer Morgue, and Glasshouse.
  • Several Discworld first editions, including Small Gods.
  • First edition Hugo winners American Gods, Among Others, Hominids, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and This Is How You Lose the Time War.
  • First editions of Blindsight and Permutation City, the latter of was an amazingly cheap library book sale pickup.

Case Three highlights:

  • Tailgate, Brainstorm, and Swerve.
  • A few first edition Heinleins, mostly late (Friday and after) but also an ex-lib Farnham’s Freehold that cost me $1.
  • First (or first trade) editions of the late-period Asimov Foundation Universe novels.
  • The two Arkham House Michael Bishop story collections.
  • Signed first editions of David Brin’s Startide Rising and The Postman, and some other Brin Hugo finalists.
  • A bunch of Bujolds, including the Vorkosigan first edition hardcovers from Memory to Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, the three World of the Five Gods novels, and the Subterranean Prisoner of Limnos.

Case Four highlights:

  • Rewind and Chromedome.
  • Signed PBO firsts of Pat Cadigan’s Synners and Fools.
  • A lot of Cherryhs, including a bunch of PBOs, all of the Phantasia Press firsts except Visible Light, and Cyteen.
  • The PBO firsts of Dhalgren, The Einstein Intersection, and Martian Time-Slip, as well as the hardcover firsts of The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, Stars in My Pockets Like Grains of Sand, God-Emperor of Dune, and the true (UK) first edition of The Difference Engine.
  • Signed firsts of Joe Haldeman’s The Hemingway Hoax and Forever Peace.
  • A whole bunch of Wheel of Time first editions, including The Dragon Reborn and The Shadow Rising.

Case Five highlights:

  • Overlord.
  • Some Nancy Kress first editions, including signed copies of Beggars in Spain, After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall, and Yesterday’s Kin.
  • Assorted Le Guin first editions, including Malafrena and the Ace Double Planet of Exile.
  • The NESFA limited edition of Quartet.
  • A signed first edition of Ringworld, and a bunch of other PBO Niven firsts. (Plus The Integral Trees and Footfall.)
  • Assorted Tim Powers PBO firsts, plus the first trade edition of Last Call.
  • Several Kim Stanley Robinson first editions, including the 2020 Boskone book and signed firsts of New York 2140, The Wild Shore, and The Years of Rice and Salt.
  • A signed Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon PBO first.
  • Several Silverberg and Simmons firsts, including A Time of Changes.

Case Six highlights:

  • Impactor, Trailcutter, Springer, Bumblebee, and Whirl.
  • Several Neal Stephenson first editions, including The Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon.
  • First edition Hugo winners All Clear, Blackout, The Calculating Stars, A Deepness in the Sky, The Graveyard Book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, A Memory Called Empire, Rainbows End, and To Say Nothing of the Dog.
  • A bunch of Martha Wells first editions, including signed copies of All Systems Red and Network Effect.
  • A signed Dream Master and assorted other Zelazny first editions, plus one of the SFBC Chronicles of Amber volumes because I’m never going to be afford a Nine Princes in Amber first edition.
  • Signed firsts of All the Birds in the Sky, Morning Star, and Six Wakes.
  • A lot of Dresden Files first editions, many of which are signed.
  • The complete Newsflesh trilogy and a bunch of other Seanan McGuire first editions, several signed.
  • Signed first edition trade paperback originals of The Obelisk Gate and The Stone Sky, and a few other Jemisins.
  • Signed firsts of both of Annalee Newitz’s science fiction novels.
  • Signed firsts of the complete (so far) Terra Ignota.
  • Signed trade paperbacks of both Kingkiller Chronicles novels.
  • A lot of Brandon Sanderson, mostly first editions and much of it signed.
  • Some Scalzi first editions, half signed.
  • The first traditionally published edition of The Martian.

The comic trade paperbacks are roughly alphabetical by series title and then chronological (with certain modifications, since it’s actually a modified version of LC inspired by Michigan State’s collection) but they’re also hard to see because (1) they’re double-stacked in the linen closet and (2) some of them got shoved into a long box with the single issues.

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